Although I have worked with film sizes from 35mm to 4x5, I return to the 35mm format for my project work. My equipment is minimal, but meets my needs perfectly. I use 2 Leica M6 cameras, a 35mm Leica Summicron lens, a 50mm Summicron lens, a portable tripod, Ilford Delta 100 film and a camera bag. Using just those two lenses means I must get close, into the “space” of whatever I’m photographing. This allows me to feel the space and experience it in a way that standing back wouldn’t allow.

For me, digital black and white photographs are not able yet to capture the subtle gray tonalities that film can. And it’s easy to be undisciplined with digital imagery, relying on taking many exposures of a subject and later seeing if one was successful, cropping the subject, and Photoshop to make up for inattention to detail that was overlooked when the photographs were taken.